Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Celebrating Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Diversity

SMSC class representatives and Pupil Voice classrepresentatives met and decided on the celebrations around the world and inBritain that we haven’t yet celebrated and they would like to learn more about.The below table shows the children’s choices.

Religions are taught throughout the year, in all year groups,in accordance with Stoke on Trent’s agreed syllabus.

2018/2019 Celebration/Festival/Historical Event Day Suggested Activities
Autumn 1
Harvest Festival

What is Harvest Festival
Collection of foods
Harvest food tasting
Making different types of food
Creative writing opportunities

Autumn 2
Remembrance Day Poppy art work
Wartime songs
Historical war time stories
Food and traditions from around the world
Spring 1
Martin Luther King Day Who was he?
History and changes over time
Dream Catcher making and inspirational speeches
Spring 2

Commonwealth Day

Flags of all the commonwealth countries
History of the Commonwealth
Food tasting from different countries
Compare and contrast different countries
Creative writing opportunities

Tasting Jewish Food
Seder Plate – collaging/ tasting/ designing
Rabbi to visit the school
Creative writing opportunities
Jewish dance/ music
Summer 1
Ascension Day Stained glass windows
Making Palm crosses
Creative writing opportunities
Summer 2
Armed Forces Day
Uniform comparison
How have the uniforms and rules changed overtime
Training to be a soldier – story
The importance of the forces

We will be sharing photographs and details of all our SMSC days on this page.

Harvest Festival - 20th September 2018


During our SMSC day celebrations we looked at a power point all about the meaning of Harvest. We dug up our own vegetables, peeled and chopped them, then put them into the pan ready to make soup. We read ‘The enormous turnip’ and discussed who grows vegetables. At the end of the day we all tasted our delicious homemade vegetable soup.


In Reception we have been learning all about the Harvest festival. We have looked at Harvest and the reason behind this. We have made links to Mr Bloom and explored a variety of vegetables that Mr Bloom may harvest on the farm. We also made bread, observing and commenting on the changes that we observed. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to taste our delicious bread. There were lots of creative activities available for us to partake in ranging from collaging fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable printing and leaf printing.

Year 1

In Year 1 we had a super day learning about Harvest Festival. We learnt about how our food is made and collected and talked about how hard it is to be a farmer - we decided we would not like the very early mornings! We looked at lots of pictures of farms and we wrote some super descriptive pieces about what we might see or hear there. We also wrote our first acrostic poems and had some fantastic ideas. In the afternoon, we tried our best to sketch some Harvest fruit baskets.

Year 2

In Year 2 we discussed what a Harvest festival is and why Christians celebrate it. We watched a video of a Harvest festival and sang a hymn to get us into the Harvest mood.Let’s get creative! In the afternoon we looked at different artists and used them to influence our drawings.

Year 3

Today we have learnt about harvest. Together we have discussed harvest celebrations in the UK and around the world, talking about why harvest takes place at different times in other countries. We have discussed how crops, fruit and vegetables are harvested by machinery and by hand for the more delicate types of fruit and vegetables. During the afternoon, we have looked at different artists impressions of food and attempted our own fruit sketches.

Year 4

Year 4 have had a fantastic day celebrating Harvest. We have conducted our own research to discover for ourselves about the different Harvest traditions and how different people celebrate Harvest. We have also taken part in food tasting of the different foods harvested during this special time of year.

Year 5

Year 5 began our harvest SMSC day by completing a comprehension task all about how harvest is celebrated around the world. We then used our reading to inform our report writing all about harvest. We discovered that harvest festivals are celebrated during September in Britain and are a time to say thank you to farmers for their hard work growing crops and to God for the sun and the rain that has helped to grow the crops and provide us with the food we eat. We ended out harvest celebration day by creating self-portraits in the style of artist Arcimboldo.

Year 6

We found out about ‘Harvest around the World’, discussing other cultures and traditions. We compared them to our own cultures and traditions. We then went onto designing posters to persuade people to help out countries, less fortunate than ourselves. Discussing natural disasters that have left some countries in states of famine.

Remembrance Day - 11th November 2018


Today in nursery we learnt all about remembrance day. We discussed the poppy and what it symbolises. We then created a representation of a poppy using different materials. We listened to the ‘Last Post’ and discussed the reasons we are safe today.

Year 1

As part of our celebration of ‘Remembrance Day’ Year 1 spent some time discussing what Remembrance means and how it is celebrated around the world. We created our own Acrostic Poems to ‘Remember’ and then we learnt created our own collage Wreaths to help us remember. We also created a class Wreath and decorated biscuits to look like poppies. We had lots of fun and loved creating our collages.

Year 3

Remembrance Day is on the 11th November each year. This is because WW1 ended on the 11th hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month in 1918. We have learnt about the Poppy and how it is a symbol of remembrance. We have also discussed why the poppy is used to remember the fallen soldiers. Today’s remembrance marks 100 hundred years since the end of WW1. It is known as ‘The war to end all wars’ Sadly just 20 years after WW1, WW2 began.

Year 4

In Year 4, we found out that it is 100 years since the end of WWI. We learned about what happened during this war and the reason that we wear poppies in November to remember the people who fought and died so that we could be free to live by our British Values.

Year 5

This year it has been 100 years since the end of the First World War and we used our day to remember the brave soldiers; many who gave their lives for our future! We imagined what life was like in the trenches and wrote letters home from a soldier’s perspective. We also memorised the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ and performed it to our classmates. Our day ended by creating a commemorative piece of artwork after discussing the significance of the poppy. Lest we forget!

Year 6

Year 6 remembered the soldiers that fought in WW1. We wrote a diary from a soldiers’ perspective; this helped us to become emotionally aware of how the soldiers; facing battle may have felt. We used our subject knowledge from our topic of WWII to inform our writing. We then used our artistic skills to make a silhouetted picture of a battlefield. After discussing the significance of poppies; we tried to make our own ‘clay poppies’. We manipulated, shaped and scored the clay to create it.