Admissions Arrangements

Newstead Primary Academy has capacity for the following number of children in each of its three departments:

Early Years Foundation Stage comprising of:

  • Nursery – 52 places
  • Reception – 60 places

Key Stage 1 comprising of:

  • Year 1 – 60 places
  • Year 2 – 60 places

Key Stage 2 comprising of:

  • Year 3 – 60 places
  • Year 4 – 60 places
  • Year 5 – 30 places
  • Year 6 – 30 places

To apply for a place at the academy, please call the school office for further details and an application form or visit Stoke On Trent City Council Website where applications can be made online.

With regards to admissions arrangements, the academy complies with the 'School Admissions Code' and 'The School Admissions Appeals Code'. For full details of these codes, please visit

When can I appeal my child's school place?

Please click on the following link to view the appeals timetable:

The school follows Stoke-on-Trent City Council admission arrangements. Details of these are below: