SMSC 2014 - 2015

'Wear It Wild' for World Environment Day June 2015

On Friday 5th June the children and staff supported the WWF by partaking in ‘Wear It Wild’ as part of World Environment Day.

This was a celebration of all things wild and an incredibly fun way to raise money to help us create a future in which people and nature thrive.

Children dressed tough like a tiger, flashy like a flamingo and strutted their stuff like a snow leopard to protect incredible wildlife like the Bengal tiger and help reduce humanity’s impact on the planet.
Donations were made to the WWF in order to support the wonderful work that they do to protect our environment and its wildlife.

Multi Faith Day May 2015

On Thursday 21st May our SMSC focus was a multi faith day.  This provided all classes with the opportunity to explore a variety of faiths and beliefs.
Each class was given a particular faith to explore which also linked to our RE scheme and further embedded the children’s understanding of specific faiths.

EYFS and Year 1 focused on Christianity and special places and studied some traditional bible stories such as the Creation Story and Noah and the Flood.  This was linked to a variety of literacy, maths and creative activities.  We were fortunate to receive a visit from Reverend Vivienne who kindly shared some stories and information about the church.

Year 2 looked at Islam and in particular the 5 pillars of Islam and what this means.  They produced some wonderful art work for our multi faith display.

Year 3 and Year 4 focused on Judaism and looked at the faith, traditions and a wide range of artefacts.

Year 5 focused on Hinduism and compared the Hindu teachings to the teachings of Christianity. They also looked at Hindu stories including the story of Rama and Sita and the elephant God Ganesh.

Year 6 looked at Islam and were fortunate to partake in a visit to the local mosque.  The children had a wonderful day and really enjoyed learning all about the traditions and beliefs of the muslim faith.

Respect Day March 2015

On Tuesday 24th March the children and staff at Newstead explored the meaning of Respect in many different contexts.  All classes took part in a class discussion and this then fed into a variety of drama, art and other fantastic creative activities:

Nursery linked respect to their topic by looking at how we respect animals and living things.  The children discussed how to respect and care for ‘Tom the dog’ and wrote about this.
Reception looked at what respect means and who and what we should respect. They talked about how we show respect others and they then created a poster to show this.
Year 1
Year 1 learnt all about how to respect others and the meaning of the word respect. They wrote all about who they respect and why and how they can respect each other. The children then made a poster to add to our respect display.
Year 2
Year two focused on looking at who we should respect within our school and homes. Children took part in group discussions and wrote up their ideas.
Year 3
The class discussed the importance of respect and then in groups labelled an image of a child (inside/outside) to show what respect looks like and how respect makes someone feel.
Year 4
Year 4 looked at ways in which we show respect to each other.  The children all designed a poster to share their ideas
Year 5
Year 5 discussed what respect is, what it looks like and respect within our academy. They also role played different scenarios, discussing whether the main character was respectful or not in a given situation
Year 6
Year six discussed what respect means, what and who they should respect and rules and how to be respectful. They carried out a respect quiz, created a self respect quilt and made respect posters.

Inspirational People February 2015

On Tuesday 10th February the children at Newstead chose an Inspirational Person to explore and learn all about. Those people chosen were individuals who have overcome challenges and barriers to their success and this offered children the opportunity to learn how we can all strive to be the very best that we can.Each class chose to write about or create artwork in relation to their chosen person to display on our 'Inspirational People' display.

The inspirational people who were chosen by each class were:

  • Nursery - Our mum's
  • Reception - Our Families
  • Year 1 - Florence Nightingale
  • Year 2 - Mary Seacole
  • Year 3 - Anne Frank
  • Year 4 - Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Year 5 - Stephen Hawking
  • Year 6 - Micheala De Prince

Christmas Celebration Day December 2014

On 3rd December 2014 the whole school celebrated Christmas with a host of visitors and exciting workshops. 

EYFS discussed the traditional story of Christmas and learnt all about Jesus’ birthday.  They also discussed how we celebrate Christmas in England and that many of us have a Christmas tree and a Christmas dinner with our family. Nursery made a Snowman Christmas card for their loved ones by painting their foot white and printing this onto card.  They then added a variety of collage to make their cards look wonderful.  Reception made Christmas tree cards out of sticks and glitter and also made a lovely effect on their Christmas calendars by rolling marbles in paint! 

Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 classes each chose a specific country and explored how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  
Year 1 chose America and Year 2 chose Africa and each worked with our special visiting artist Heather.  They used a variety of materials to make a decoration that signified their chosen country.  

Year 3 looked at how Christmas is celebrated in France, year 4 explored China, Year 5 explored the Philippine’s and Year 6 chose the Caribbean. Each class chose to host a wide variety of creative activities including Philippine inspired food tasting sessions which were hosted by Year 5 and supported by the wider Philippine community and parents.  Year 3 tasted traditional French Christmas cuisine, Year 4 made traditional Chinese lanterns and Year 6 learnt some traditional reggae inspired Christmas songs and made Caribbean themed cards.

Harvest Day October 2014

On Wednesday 1st October we held a ‘Harvest Day' at Newstead. Throughout the school we hosted a variety of fun and interactive activities to help the children to learn all about Harvest traditions. In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we started the day talking about harvest and took our food donations to the hall. All food that was collected was donated to the local food bank to support others in need.

We discussed the reasons why we donate food at this time of year and proceeded to enjoy a variety of activities such as an Autumn walk to collect leaves to create a leaf collage. Reception made their own bread and created split pin scarecrows. Key stage 1 sang a variety of Harvest songs, wrote about Harvest and made beautiful Harvest fruit baskets.

Key Stage 2 also discussed harvest traditions and donated to the harvest food collection. Year 3 completed some beautiful writing about the meaning of harvest whilst year 4 focused on Harvest around the world. Year 5 made harvest baskets and wrote about Harvest whilst year 6 looked at fairtrade and linked this to the harvesting of the Brazil nut in the Amazon rainforests. They also wrote some wonderful acrostic poems.

Everyone had a fun day and thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Harvest.