SMSC 2013 - 2014

African Adventure Day July 2014

On Wednesday 2nd July the whole school celebrated an African adventure day with a host of visitors and exciting workshops.

EYFS worked with a dancer called Sarah to learn a dance from the Lion King performance. This was both imaginative and creative as the children took on the role of a variety of animals from the wild.

KS1 worked with a gentleman called Martin to partake in an African drumming session. Both EYFS and KS1 performed their dance and drumming session to the rest of the school. They thoroughly enjoyed this.

Key stage 2 also engaged in a wide variety of both fun and educational activities. They explored and role played a wide variety of African stories, made African masks and flags. They also researched information about Africa and wrote about this.

Mardi Gras March 2014

On Tuesday 4th March 2014 we held a whole school 'Mardi Gras' celebration day here at Newstead Primary Academy.

Throughout the school we hosted a variety of fun and interactive activities to help the children to learn all about Mardi Gras and Pancake Day. In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we made jester crowns, musical shakers, Mardi Gras masks and discussed the meaning of Mardi Gras and the traditions associated with Shrove Tuesday.

Key Stage 2 hosted a variety of workshops which included South American drumming, South American dance and Mardi Gras mask making. Year 6 visited the local high school and worked alongside the art team to create some wonderful carnival masks. In the afternoon all of KS2 took part in an assembly to showcase their music, dance and fantastic art work.

A fabulous day was had by all and this was made even more exciting as we had fresh pancakes delivered to our classrooms.

Chinese New Year Jan 2014

On Friday 31st January 2014 the whole school celebrated Chinese New Year Day. Everyone in the school embraced a variety of creative and fun activities. We explored the year of the horse and made Chinese lanterns, took part in traditional Chinese food tasting and explored Chinese writing. We also performed our own Chinese dragon dance around the school.

Christingle Day December 2013

On 11th December 2013 the whole school celebrated Christingle with a host of visitors and exciting workshops. Everyone in the school made their own Christingle using oranges, candles, ribbons and sweets and discussed what each of these items symbolise.

EYFS and KS1 worked together to create some fantastic pieces of artwork. Nursery and Reception made some beautiful tree decorations from a variety of natural and recycled items whilst KS1 wrote prayers and also made some wonderful Christingle candle holders and stained glass windows.

Key stage 2 also engaged in a wide variety of both fun and educational activities. They looked at the meaning of Christingle, sang Christingle songs and also looked closely at the work of the Children’s Society Charity and how they introduced the tradition of Christingle celebrations to the Church of England 1968.

To end this wonderful celebration day we had a visit from vicar John Alessi who conducted an assembly all about Christingle.

Harvest Celebrations Day October 2013

On Thursday 10th October 2013 we held a ‘Harvest Day' at Newstead. Throughout the school we hosted a variety of fun and interactive activities to help the children to learn all about Harvest traditions. In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we started the day talking about harvest and took our food donations to the hall. We discussed the reasons why we donate food at this time of year and proceeded to enjoy a variety of activities such as leaf collecting, creating harvest collage pictures, basket making and a trip to the local church.

Key Stage 2 also discussed harvest traditions and donated to the harvest food collection. Year 3 completed some beautiful harvest writing whilst year 4 focused on Christianity and investigated where harvest traditions originate from. They also made some wonderful fruit baskets headbands. Year 5 made harvest baskets and wrote harvest acrostic poems whilst year 6 looked at fairtrade and linked this to the harvesting of the Brazil nut in the Amazon rainforests.

Everyone had a fun day and thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Harvest.