SMSC 2012 2013

Great British Traditions Day July 2013

On Wednesday 24th July 2013 we held a ‘Great British Traditions Day’ at Newstead. Throughout the school we hosted a variety of fun and interactive activities to help the children to learn all about Great Britain and our many traditions. In EYFS and Key Stage 1 we started the day making Royal crowns and talked about our Royal family.  We then had cream scones with jam and strawberries and Mrs Lindop painted our faces.  We made a variety of items such as bunting and flags and also wrote letters to the Queen.

Key Stage 2 looked at British traditions including Morris Dancing, Cheese Rolling, Pearly Kings and Queens and Gurning. They also made bunting to decorate the outdoor area.

During the afternoon the whole school played a variety of British sports such as tennis and cricket.

Lunch time was lovely as we enjoyed traditional fish and chips and then a visit from the local ice cream man who served us all an ice cream in the sunshine. Everyone had such a fantastic day and the sunshine certainly made it even better!

Easter Day March 2013

On 28th March 2013 the whole school celebrated Easter. EYFS and KS1 hosted a variety of activities which included listening to and retelling the traditional Easter story, making chocolate nest cakes and Easter baskets and taking part in their very own Easter egg hunt. Mrs Julian kindly baked some lovely simnel cake and hot cross buns which we happily tasted and thoroughly enjoyed. We also took part in our Easter bonnet parade.

Key stage 2 incorporated drama as they retold and acted out the traditional story of Easter. They also had their own Easter egg hunt and wrote some fabulous Easter poetry.

Chinese New Year December 2012

On 7th December 2012 the whole school celebrated Chinese New Year with a host of visitors and exciting workshops. EYFS and KS1 worked together to create some fantastic visual art to display in the school hall. They made a large wall hanging to celebrate '2013 the year of the snake'. We used a variety of collage and techniques to create this wonderful piece of artwork and we had lots of messy fun as we worked together as a team.

We have proudly placed our artwork in the hall for all visitors to see. EYFS also took part in a workshop to make their very own fire breathing dragons and beautiful Chinese lanterns. Across the school there were lots of other activities that took place which included dragon mask making, food tasting, snake sock puppet making and Chinese writing.

Key Stage 2 also had a fun and interesting day as they gathered information and created their own fact file all about China. All children took part in a Chinese dance workshop whereby they recreated the dragon dance. Other workshops included traditional Chinese silk art, food tasting and various creative activities.

Diwali Day November 2012

On Friday 16th November 2012 the whole school celebrated Diwali with a host of visitors and exciting workshops. Nursery, Reception and KS1 all worked together to create some fantastic visual art to be display in the school hall. They produced large Rangoli patterns using a variety of collage which included lentils, rice and coconut. As you can see from the pictures this was messy, fun and also very effective. We have proudly placed out artwork in the hall for all visitors to see.

KS2 were provided with dance workshops which allowed them to showcase their funky moves. They had great fun as they incorporated the story of Rama and Sita into a dance and loved showing of their Bhangra and Bollywood dancing to their parents during our Diwali assembly.