Additional Funding 2014

In April 2014, the school received additional funding under the title“Pupil Premium” We have been given an additional £172,000 to spend on enhancingthe children’s learning experiences.

This year we have planned to spend the money as follows:
  • Toprovide all DAY school educational visits at NO cost to parents and tosubsidise ALL residential visits by at least 70%. A list of all visitsundertaken throughout the year can be found in the School Prospectus. 

  • Toprovide quality play experiences/equipment for all of the children. A newoutside gym will be built in the area currently occupied by the pirate ship.The pirate ship will be removed as it is no longer fit for purpose.

  • Toprovide further computer equipment (touch screen laptops and tablets) for thechildren to access a variety of learning through IT.

  • Toprovide an additional Special Educational Needs Specialist to work with thosechildren requiring additional support with their learning needs.

  • Toprovide additional specialist support to children in Year 6 in preparation fortheir Key Stage 2 SAT tests.

  • Toprovide additional specialist support for the More Able children in Year 2 inpreparation for their transition into Key Stage 2.

  • Toprovide enrichment activities for the children to support their musical appreciation.We will employ a music specialist to deliver throughout the school.

  • Toprovide 6 themed days, 1 each half term, to celebrate different cultures andtheir celebrations. We organise a variety of different companies into theschool to provide a programme of multi cultural events throughout the year.Full details can be found on the SMSC page of the website.

  • Topurchase a new school uniform (jumper and tie) for every child registered atthe school in September 2014.

We know that the children benefit greatly from this and enjoy theadditional opportunities given to them through this funding.

The impact of this fundingis seen through the high levels of achievement and progress of the pupils atthe school and their enthusiasm and behaviour towards learning is outstanding.