Year 5

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Narnia

Our topic for Autumn Term 2 will be 'Narnia -The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'. Within our English lessons we will be looking closely at the Narnia Chronicles; written by C.S Lewis. We will be describing the characters that he created and the magical world through the wardrobe. We will also create our own Narnia/Winter inspired poetry. In Mathematics, we will continue to build upon our mathematical skills including looking at telling the time and also solving a variety of number problems; from subtracting and dividing to interpreting statistics. Within our computing lessons, we are going to try to create our very own movie trailer, complete with sound effects and a variety of images.

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Blast Off

Our topic for Autumn Term 1 will be 'Blast Off!' Within our English lessons we will be looking closely at the text Cosmic; one giant leap for all boy-kind by Frank Cottrell Boyce. This will form the focus of our English lessons and we will use this to create detailed setting and character descriptions and will also create a diary entry from a characters point of view to describe a day in space.

In Mathematics, we will be developing our knowledge of place value, multiplication and division and also discussing shape and fractions. We will also be taking a trip to Leicester Space Centre to bring our topic to life!

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