Year 3 SS & RH

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Chocolate Fever

Our topic for Autumn Term 1 will be 'Chocolate Fever'. Our role play area has been transformed into Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, with many exciting activities to complete inside.

Within our English lessons we will be looking closely at the story Charlie and the Chocolate factory. This will form the focus of our English lessons and we will use this to write a detailed setting and character description as well as a short story.

In Mathematics, we will be developing our knowledge of place value, addition, subtraction, shape and measure. In Year 3, it is extremely important that multiplication facts are learnt and recalled as multiplication links with many other areas of the maths curriculum.

As part of our topic based lessons, we will be learning about the history of chocolate, where chocolate comes from and the process in which it is made. We will research the Aztecs and look at how they used the cocoa bean to make their own chocolate drink.

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