Year 2

Topic Overview Summer 2 Newsletter Term: Summer 2
Topic: All Aboard

Our topic this half term is called 'All Aboard.' During this topic we will be focusing on the poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat.' We will be learning all about the different continents and oceans in the world and creating our own world atlas. We will be designing and making our own bridges, out of suitable materials, so that they are capable of holding toy cars. During this topic we will also be going on an Education Visit to Norbury Wharf, to take a ride on a barge up and down the canals. In English we are going to be writing our own story based on 'The Owl and the Pussycat,' as well as writing letters and creating a diary entry. During Maths we will be looking at a range of reasoning problems, practising our sharing using division and learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Topic Overview Summer 1 Newsletter Term: Summer 1
Topic: Knights and Castles

This half term our new topic is Knights and Castles. We will be investigating the role of a Knight and including this in our drama activities. Our role-play has been transformed into a Castle. Inside the castle the children get the chance to dress up as a brave Knight or a beautiful princess. There are writing, maths and creative tasks for the children to be completing when in the role-play area.

We will be learning all about the features of Castles and will be visiting Stafford Castle to explore the grounds of a Motte and Bailey Castle. At the Castle we will be taking on the different Castle roles, including dressing as a knight in all of his armour.

Topic Overview Spring 2 Newsletter Term: Spring 2
Topic: Back to Nature

Our topic for this term is Back to Nature. We will be looking at and researching Nocturnal Animals, their habitats and how the animals are adapted to hunt at night time. We will be creating night time sketches and through drama and our imagination will work together to create an animal sanctuary for nocturnal animals. Our role-play has been transformed into the Deep Dark Wood! Watch out for the bats!!

During this half term we will be going on an overnight residential to Stanley Head. We are all very excited for our overnight adventure! We are looking forward to the fun activities we are going to do.

Topic Overview Spring 1 Newsletter Term: Spring 1
Topic: The Selfish Giant

Our topic for this half term is 'The Selfish Giant'. We will be designing and making our own castles. The role play area will be transformed into a Potting Shed and in there the children will have the opportunity to plant seeds and grow plants. They will also be learning all about important people from their local area. The children will also be writing their own version of 'The Selfish Giant' and we will be focusing on using lots of descriptive language for their amazing stories.

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Winter Babies

Our topic this half term is Winter Babies. We are going to be learning all about winter animals and writing a non-chronological report about them. We will also be writing our own stories based on 'The Little Polar Bear and the Big Balloon.' The children are going to be learning about what animal need to survive. We will be making Polar Bears that move as well as comparing different locations around the world.

Our roleplay has been transformed into an Igloo. Inside the children can find out all about different winter babies and can complete a variety of exciting activities.

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Superheroes

This half term our topic is Superheroes. We are going to be learning all about fictional Superheroes as well as Real Life Superheroes. We will be describing Superheroes and their costumes.

The children will also be working on designing their own Superhero gadget. We will be looking at important real life Superheroes such as Florence Nightingale. In English we will be writing a detailed narrative based on the story of Traction Man is Here!

Our role-play has been transformed into a Superhero Den in which the children can create their own Superhero and dress up as their favourite hero.

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