Year 1

Topic Overview Summer 2 Newsletter Term: Summer 2
Topic: The Great Fire of London

Our topic for the half term is 'The Great Fire of London'. We will be learning all about Samuel Pepys and those involved in this amazing historical event. Our role play has been transformed into Pudding Lane Bakery - where the fire started! We will be baking our own bread just like Thomas Farriner did and our visit this term will be to Longton Fire Station to learn about fire safety and the role of the modern day firefighter.

Topic Overview Summer 1 Newsletter Term: Summer 1
Topic: Aliens Love Underpants

Our topic this half term is 'Aliens Love Underpants'. For our topic, in English we will be studying 'Man on the Moon'. The children will read and discuss this book and complete writing about space. Your child will design their own alien and its spaceship. They will also be thinking about what their aliens might wear, do, eat and what they might travel in. They will design their own alien mask and then make it.

In science we will be investigating the weather. In Maths we will be learning about time, money, volume, capacity, statistics, fractions, ratio and proportion.

Topic Overview Spring 2 Newsletter Term: Spring 2
Topic: Toy Story

This half term our topic will be 'Toy Story'. We will be focusing on books such as Dogger and Old Bear. The role play area will be transformed into a toy shop. We are very excited to be visiting Sudbury Hall Museum to learn all about old and new toys! Our displays our looking fabulous as the children have brought in their favourite toy or made something special.

Topic Overview Spring 1 Newsletter Term: Spring 1
Topic: Little Posties

This half term our topic will be 'Little Posties'. We will be focusing on a book called Meerkat Mail. The role play area has been transformed into a post office. We will be writing our own letters to the children in Year one at Norton, Newstead and Whitfield Valley. For our educational visit this term we will be taking our letters to our local post office, buying a stamp and posting our letters!

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Fairy tales

This half term our topic will be 'Fairy tales'. We will be reading lots of traditional fairy tales. We will focus on Aladdin and the children will be writing the story. The role play area will be transformed into the Genie's Lamp. The children will be learning to tell the time. They need to be able to say o'clock and half past the hour. We are very excited to be going to watch this year's pantomime Aladdin at the Regent Theatre.

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: The Bog Baby

Our topic for the half term is 'The Bog Baby'. Our fantastic role play area has been transformed into a swamp with activities within the role play including English, Mathematics and topic work. For our first and very exciting educational visit we will be taking the children pond dipping at Park Hall. In English we will be writing descriptions of The Bog Baby and the pond.

During Mathematics this half term we will be looking at counting to 50. We will be learning to count in 2's and 10's, and we will be adding 2 numbers together to make 10 (8 + 2 = 10), as well as exploring fractions and shape.

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