Topic Overview Spring 1 Newsletter Term: Spring 1
Topic: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?

During this half term, we will be exploring Traditional Tales. We will start by focusing on the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' in our literacy lessons. We will look at the different characters within the story and will have the perfect opportunity to explore the setting as our role play area has transformed into Grandma's cottage.

In our Maths lessons, we will be continuing with money adding and subtracting with coins. We will be measuring weight and capacity using different equipment, and will start to tell the time to the hour.

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Winter Tales

During this half term, our topic will be winter tales and we will start by focusing on the story of 'The Gruffalo' By Julia Donaldson.

In literacy we will use the Gruffalo to write labels and use adjectives to describe this friendly character. We have transformed our role play area into the Gruffalo's cave giving us the perfect opportunity to act out this fantastic story.

In mathematics, we will continue to become confident with numbers up to 20. We will look at different methods that we can use when adding and subtracting. We will look at ordering familiar events and measure time in simple ways.

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Cbeebies Land

Our role play is Greedale Village Store. In our role play we have lots of activities linked with our topic, where the children use their imagination and play alongside their peers. We even have our very own shop!

In Literacy we will be reading many CBeebies stories and writing about our favourite characters using our phonics skills, finger spaces ,capital letters, and full stops. We will be writing a trip recount using simple time connectives.
In Maths we will be counting objects, recognising numerals and learning to add 2 single digit numbers. We will be looking at positional language, ordering items by height and length and going on a shape hunt!!

During our topic lessons we will learn about the role of a postman, create art using ICT and have lots of fun with Mr Bloom planting our own seeds!!

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