Class Representatives

At Newstead Primary Academy, we understand the importance of developing our children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding. We have a wide range of termly school visits to enhance learning, our children have access to a wide range of clubs and throughout the year we host a number SMSC days.

Our  Academy has an active SMSC Board with representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. They hold SMSC assemblies each week and discuss a variety of world affairs, current news and cultural events. The SMSC Board meet with the SMSC Leader once a term to offer ideas for forthcoming celebration days and to discuss evidence from their class assemblies and SMSC days.

Our SMSC representatives are:

Year 1 – TBC
Year 2 – TBC
Year 3 – TBC
Year 4 – TBC
Year 5 – TBC
Year 6 – TBC

We also provide our year 6 students with a variety of key roles and responsibilities such as Eco Leaders, Librarians and Team Captains.  These representatives are encouraged to listen and respect our children’s views and promote teamwork across the academy.

Team Captains:

Red: Connor Birch & Megan Cotterill

Blue: Amelia Cliffe & Harry Noden
Blue Vice: Sophie Parkin & Billy Fragola

Green: Cacei Howle & Cole Dixon
Green Vice: Bray Pattinson & Mya Mellor

Yellow: Amelia Ellis & Hayden Sargeant
Yellow Vice: Lukas Vitta & Danielle Powell