Class Representatives

The academy has two SMSC representatives per class from Year 1 to Year 6 and it is their role to ensure that key discussions regarding world news are recorded in the class SMSC books.  They also help to plan the cultural festivals and faiths that are celebrated each half term and meet regularly with the SMSC leader to share their ideas and views.  Every SMSC representative has a key role in ensuring that the fundamental British values are instilled in our daily practice and ethos across the academy.

Our SMSC representatives are:

Y1SB – Maisie-Rae Warburton& Noah Laftah
Y1HR – MacieMilner & Jake Romana
Y2KW –Georgi Hardy & Zachery Wright
Y2LS – AbigailBradley & Jeremy Matthew
Y3SH - Harrison Bowles &Paige Jones
Y3JK - Chloe Dean &Thomas James
Y4RP - Harvey Wright & Ebony Holdham
Y5LG - Julia Orlowska & Joem Casipit
 – Logan Garvie &Demarco Irving

We also provide our year 6 students with a variety of key roles and responsibilities such as Eco Leaders, Librarians and Team Captains.  These representatives are encouraged to listen and respect our children’s views and promote teamwork across the academy.

Team Captains:

Red: TBC

Blue: TBC
Blue Vice: TBC
Green: TBC
Green Vice: TBC

Yellow: TBC
Yellow Vice: TBC