Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Celebrating Social, Moral, Spiritual and Culteral Diversity through Themed Days

2017/2018 Celebration/Festival/Historical Event Day Celebrating Other Religions Day
Autumn 1 Rosh Hashanah - Judaism (20th Sept - 22nd Sept)
International day of peace (21st Sept) Half day
Autumn 2 Guy Fawkes/Parliament (5th Nov)
Kindness Day/week (13th Nov)
Spring 1 Rio de Janeiro Festival (9th Feb – 14th Feb) Hinduism
Spring 2 Easter Story (Apr) Christianity
Summer 1 Ramadan (27th May)
International day of Families (15th May)
Summer 2 The Queen’s Birthday (10th Jun)

Several of the above events will be supported by visiting speakers and artists to further promote the celebration or themed day and to bring learning to life.

We will be sharing photographs and details of all our SMSC days on this page.