Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Celebrating Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Diversity

SMSC class representatives and Pupil Voice classrepresentatives met and decided on the celebrations around the world and inBritain that we haven’t yet celebrated and they would like to learn more about.The below table shows the children’s choices.

Religions are taught throughout the year, in all year groups,in accordance with Stoke on Trent’s agreed syllabus.

2018/2019 Celebration/Festival/Historical Event Day Suggested Activities
Autumn 1
Harvest Festival

What is Harvest Festival
Collection of foods
Harvest food tasting
Making different types of food
Creative writing opportunities

Autumn 2
Rememberance Day Poppy art work
Wartime songs
Historical war time stories
Food and traditions from around the world
Spring 1
Martin Luther King Day Who was he?
History and changes over time
Dream Catcher making and inspirational speeches
Spring 2

Commonwealth Day

Flags of all the commonwealth countries
History of the Commonwealth
Food tasting from different countries
Compare and contrast different countries
Creative writing opportunities

Tasting Jewish Food
Seder Plate – collaging/ tasting/ designing
Rabbi to visit the school
Creative writing opportunities
Jewish dance/ music
Summer 1
Ascension Day Stained glass windows
Making Palm crosses
Creative writing opportunities
Summer 2
Armed Forces Day
Uniform comparison
How have the uniforms and rules changed overtime
Training to be a soldier – story
The importance of the forces

We will be sharing photographs and details of all our SMSC days on this page.