Creative Curriculum

Creative activities will help you to develop the following values:
  • To explore, investigate and experiment with a range of stimuli, techniques, approaches, materials and media
  • To create, design, devise their individual and collective work
  • To present and display work, to develop and communicate ideas and evoke responses
  • Use art-specific vocabulary to respond to, evaluate, explain, analyse, question their own and other peoples artistic works
  • To enable children to develop a wide range of skills through a variety of creative activities
  • To extend imagination through both knowledge and practical skills
  • To enable children opportunities to develop physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills through the exploration of various and/or specific mediums
  • Promote the development of technical knowledge and skillsTo raise self-esteem and develop confidence
  • To develop more able and talented children
These include: Art4Display, That’s Sew Crafty, Pottery, Let’s Get Crafty, Craft & Creations, Krafty Kidz, Busy Fingers, Photography, Creep & Crawl, Cookery & lots more across the trust.