Community Links

Community cohesion is central to the school ethos. Our vision recognises and celebrates the diversity within our area and welcomes the contributions which different groups bring to the community. The School has developed to build a common vision and sense of belonging by all communities in society in which the diversity of people's backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued.

The school has taken an approach to develop the children's understanding and awareness of local, national and global issues, in order to ensure that community cohesion is progressed and developed throughout the school.

Douglas Macmillan Art Project

Pupils from Year 6 spent time at the Douglas Macmillan Hospice Day Centre making a mural of a sunflower with handprints and photographs with some of the day patients.

Mrs Nixon's Philippine Visit

Mrs V Nixon recently visited a school on the Philippines, which we have been supporting for the past year, Newstead children and parents/carers were very supportive and generously donated items which Mrs Nixon witnessed being used in the Philippine school. The school is extremely grateful as its only run on a voluntary basis with very little resources.

We hope to continue supporting the school in the future...

The Philippine children and staff wish to express their thanks by saying 'salamet' (thankyou).